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Mobile technology for health behaviour change

Curtin University


REACH HPI is working in collaboration with the Curtin University Physical Activity and Well-being Lab (PAW) to develop a new mobile app to encourage physical activity. This app, funded by the Cancer Council of Western Australia will be piloted as part of the START trial, which aims to investigate the effects of a peer-led walking program on physical activity, health, well-being, and work outcomes in physically inactive employees. "The START project fits squarely with our view of the way mobile technology can augment public health initiatives," REACH HPI's James White said. "Well-designed mobile apps, built to supplement socially-connected health interventions with a strong focus on peer support, and to provide a wealth of rich data to help researchers to understand their impact. That's what we do."

Feed Safe for Android

We're delighted to announce that Feed Safe is now available for Android devices. This is long overdue; Feed Safe has been a very popular service for breastfeeding mothers in the two years since it was released, and REACH HPI has received over 800 emails from women across Australia, enquiring about Android availability. Feed Safe for Android was released on April 7, and we've already received nearly fifty messages from users, along these lines: Read More...

Apps for occupational hygiene

REACH HPI, in collaboration with Matthew Govorko, an asbestos researcher at Curtin University, will be presenting at the annual conference of the Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists (AIOH), 5 December 2015, at Crown Perth Convention Centre. The half-day continuing education session is aimed at non-technical people considering the development of apps aimed at risk communication, guiding and improving the practice of occupational hygienists, assisting with home or workplace hazard identification, or any other field of occupational hygiene.

Another breastfeeding app...for men

Reach HPI has been selected to develop a new mobile application for the Parent Infant Feeding Initiative, a Healthway funded research project based at Curtin University. The app, which will be developed for both iOS and Android devices, will aim to educate new fathers about the importance of breastfeeding, and the valuable role they play in supporting their breastfeeding partners. It will be evaluated over the course of 18 months, in one of the largest studies of its kind ever conducted.

Game changers

Curtin Game Changers TVC
We’re proud of our association with Curtin University, which has a strong emphasis on innovation and embracing change. This emphasis is the focus of a new set of television commercials promoting the university. Watch closely for a fleeting cameo from REACH HPI’s resident publicity hog.