Reach Health Promotion Innovations

Mobile technology for health behaviour change


Becky White


BSc (Health Promotion), Grad Cert (International Health), PhD (Public Health)

Project management :: Consumer engagement :: Formative research :: Mobile testing and engagement :: Dissemination strategy :: Project evaluation :: Report preparation

Becky is a strong believer in partnership working as the best means of achieving community health outcomes. She has worked in various health promotion and community development roles, both in Australia and abroad, including positions at North Metropolitan Area Health Service (Department of Health, WA), Gosnells Women’s Health Service (WA) and Richmond Housing Partnership (UK). She has also volunteered at a Ghanaian project, and for the WA AIDS Council. Her doctoral project investigated the use of mobile technology in health promotion, with a focus on breastfeeding.
James White


PhD (Public Health), BSocSc (Psychology), GradDip (Education)

Mobile application development :: Software project management :: Communication, marketing and social media :: Research :: Evaluation :: Graphic design :: Branding

James has a varied career encompassing health research, classroom teaching, graphic design and software development. A link between these pursuits is an awareness of the importance of effective communication; this was the foundation of his doctoral project, in which James investigated the use of socially-connected mobile applications for health promotion. In addition to his research and communication roles in Australia, New Zealand and the UK, James has worked as a classroom teacher in a remote WA indigenous community, and volunteered at projects in Romania and Ghana.


The name says it all. REACH HPI exists to help health promotion organisations and service providers to reach their users more effectively. Communication has become a highly specialised field, requiring professional branding and design, and the effective use of both print and electronic media to engage target audiences. Users are increasingly asking that services be delivered in meaningful, relevant and accessible ways, using modern technologies, and service providers are finding they need specialist support in achieving this.

This support is usually commissioned from mainstream marketing, design and software development firms. With careful project management and generous budgets, this can be an effective approach. However, these firms may not always be fully aware of the special requirements of health promotion projects - of the needs of end-users, funders and other stakeholders. This can lead to misunderstandings, delays and cost overruns. Furthermore, this approach can lead to significant subcontracting; in developing a mobile application, for example, a service provider may deal with a project manager who may outsource the application programming to one firm and the graphic design to another. If the funder requires that the product be evaluated, this research may also be outsourced. It goes without saying that this can result in ballooning costs and increased potential for things to go wrong.

REACH HPI can deliver a start to finish service, in which we source project funding, complete formative research, work with partners and stakeholders, design, brand and build communication products, test and evaluate services, and write reports for funding bodies, partners and publication.
Partnership working

The best outcomes happen when service providers, researchers and technical specialists pool their knowledge and work together. REACH HPI takes a partnership approach wherever possible, identifying and engaging key groups and individuals early in the process. This approach is especially critical in testing the services developed, and in devising a strategy for dissemination. We believe that the quality of a service is determined by the response of end users, meaning that thorough testing and effective promotion are vital. They are also important in providing value for money to our funding partners.
Grant application

Where necessary, REACH HPI can work with partners to prepare submissions for competitive grant funding. We have previously secured funding through state and federal government departments, local authorities, charities and other community organisations.
Application development

As smartphones and tablet computers replace desktop computers as many people’s primary information and communication tools, these devices become critical to health service providers - a means of connecting directly with users and offering services in ways that were scarcely imaginable just a few years ago. REACH HPI delivers high-quality mobile software, built with a sound understanding of user-interface design. Most importantly, we understand the importance of rigorous evaluation of these tools, and have developed innovative ways of investigating whether these tools are achieving their intended purpose.
Graphic design

Good branding can mean the difference between an effective, wide-reaching health promotion service and one that languishes in obscurity. REACH HPI draws on a decade of experience creating strong brands and professional design, to ensure that service providers make a mark. We can provide expert support in setting up new services, or help to revitalise an existing service, including support with naming, logo design and branding. We can also assist with implementing a brand across a full spectrum of print and electronic media.
Education and training

REACH HPI can provide workshops and training sessions specifically targeted to the needs of your organisation. These can include providing an introduction to the use of social media and mobile technology for health promotion, looking specifically at what is currently happening in your field or workshopping a specific idea or health issue you have. We can tailor workshops to your specific needs or level of expertise. Please give us a call to have a chat about what you need.
Web design

Having a web presence is now a fact of life for health promoters. As users increasingly say they want to be engaged via this medium, services providers cannot afford to neglect it. Whether a service needs a small “brochure” site or more substantial, interactive product, REACH HPI can provide advice and support, or deliver quality finished products.

The communication landscape is rapidly changing, and can be a minefield for service providers. What is the best means of communicating with partners, stakeholders and end users? How can mainstream media be used to get the word out? Should social media be utilised, and if so, how? REACH HPI can assist with dissemination planning, report writing, preparation of press releases and development of social and traditional media campaigns (including risk assessment and policy preparation).